About Portfolio Strategy FR


We use our expertise and network to bring added value to each of the companies in our portfolio.

Added value

With a team of experienced entrepreneur-operators, we work closely with management teams to build the foundations of our businesses.

We bring diversified operational expertise in operations management, technology development, communications, business development, as well as recruitment and employer branding.

Our contribution is based on a strategic plan developed with the management team and covers, among others, the following needs:

Defining and implementing a structured action plan communicated to stakeholders

Building a team of experienced managers

Establishing strategic partnerships between entrepreneurs

Building awareness

Maximizing operational efficiency

Developing new markets and new business models

Maximizing value

Executing strategic consolidations and acquisitions

Business development

Our audience

Above all, our success is based on a disciplined and proactive approach where the people with whom we choose to work share the same values in terms of vision, growth, transparency and sustainability.

IfCap's investment strategy offers superior returns to investors. We look for the following general criteria:

Headquartered in Québec, possibility of opening new markets

Business in operation, generating sales and profits

Strategic acquisitions offering synergies with other portfolio companies

Impeccable reputation in the market with customers and employees

Management team in place or to be created

Gaps to be filled in management, technology, operations and / or communications .

Possibility for significant growth: organic and / or through acquisitions

Let's build together

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